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Freezer Crockpot Cooking

Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like cooking? When I was working, Farmer Boots and I shared cooking duties equally. I took over more cooking when I was on my first and second maternity leaves, but by the time we had three children and I was home full-time, I felt that homeschooling and raising children was quite enough of a dayjob for me, thank you very much. Farmer would come in from work at 5pm and one or the other of us would make a quick dinner. We were fine with that.

Enter a certain Bible study with a group of homeschooling mothers who were striving to be true keepers at home. At first, I ignored the talk about canning and cooking and meal planning. Not for me. But slowly, I can’t tell just when, my heart was changed. I began to see that my responsibility toward my family included nurturing their bodies as surely as it included nurturing their little minds.

And now, I’ve been struggling to keep up with too many tasks for too long. Today, I decided to try another way. Freezer Crockpot Cooking!

I gathered my small labour force, and we organized our materials:


The freezer bags!

Tasks were delegated:

1. Safari – distract the baby with food
2. Encyclopedia – peel
3. Mama – chop
4. Shiny – fill freezer bags

Shiny Boots works stolidly on as her big brothers are halted by the onion problem

Strangely enough, Shiny Boots is unfazed by onions. While Encyclopedia & Safari were rubbing their eyes, and tears were flowing freely down my cheeks, little Shiny carried on, unperturbed.

Once we finished with the onions, all went very well, until the recipe called for celery. What? That wasn’t on the ingredients list. Never mind, we’ll just chop up some extra green pepper. But what’s next? Teriyaki sauce? Brown sugar? Worcestershire sauce? None of this was on the ingredients list!


Never mind. By this time it was almost 5pm anyway. Hank was on his way in from work, and he didn’t mind stepping out to the grocery store for me — he even took three children with him!


Now it was back to work…


It took 2 trips to the grocery store and just over 4 hours of preparing food, but I now have 14 meals prepared and ready to go into the crockpot any given morning.

Proud of a hard day’s work
The labourers

We used recipes from The Test Kitchen of Melissa Fallis. The recipes were simple and easy to follow. My only problem was, as mentioned above, that the shopping list was missing a few ingredients.

Oh, one other problem, but I can’t blame anyone else for this one. I mistakenly poured Worcestershire sauce instead of Teriyaki sauce on the Teriyaki chicken! So, no teriyaki chicken, I guess. We’ll be eating our own little variation that night!

I had a lot of vegetables left over, so I chopped them up into a few more freezer bags — some with chicken and seasoning, and some just as frozen veggies to be used as needed.

Maybe I’ll come back and post my family’s ratings after we’ve tried the recipes.

Edited to add: After a bit more experience, I posted the helpful tips that I’ve learned.



Christian wife and homeschooling mother of five children, ages 2 through 10 years. Recently diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos. Trusting in Jesus for His plan for my life, and for my family. He was gracious to save my husband and myself 6 and 7 years ago, respectively. And really, He saved me just in time. Because how could I ever have handled this illness without Him?

3 thoughts on “Freezer Crockpot Cooking

  1. It actually didn’t take so long. We took the afternoon to do it yesterday, about 4 hours, not including grocery shopping. But I think it will be worth it. Instead of cooking today, I am spending that time organizing the kids’ closets, and we can smell the Crockpot BBQ chicken already.

    I’ll definitely do some posts about how the recipes turn out, thanks!


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