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A Compassionate Heart

Today, I had one of those beautiful parenting moments when my heart was just filled with love, praise and thanksgiving for the beautiful children that He has given me. This time, it was little Safari Boots who set my cup to overflowing. I want to record it here for posterity.

We are combining our Character classes with a curriculum to teach children about their attitudes towards money. We are using the Work-Give-Save-Spend model, and, as we learn about each concept as it related to their little finances, we are studying the character traits of Diligence, Generosity, Self-Control, and Prudence.

The children have been given tasks above their household chores to do as paid commissions. And they have been earning money for these little jobs all week, as we studied diligence. Today, we started learning about generosity. They carefully counted out 10% of their earnings for a Give jar. We looked at the place in India where our sponsored child and sponsored missionary are located. We watched a video on India from Operation World. In the video, we saw a woman who had her hands taken by leprosy. I explained about what leprosy is, and little Safari said, “That’s really sad.”

That’s all he said, but I noticed later that he was sniffling. I asked him if he was crying because of the lady with leprosy. “I’m crying because of a lot of things,” he told me.2012 jasper 3

A few hours later, I was doing my monthly budget, and realized that I had a small amount of discretionary spending leftover. I thought it would be a good opportunity to let the children see that generosity means more than a regular tithe, but it is also discretionary. We went onto the Gospel for Asia website, where they have a list of particular items to which you can donate your funds.  I asked the children where we should donate the money.

Safari did not hesitate for a moment. “Can we give it to the lady with no hands?” he asked immediately.

So we put it to the leprosy ministry. And that’s not all! Safari gave me the money he’s earned from his commissions, and had me put that to the leprosy ministry as well.

I am so proud of my little man. Thank you, God, for Safari’s compassionate heart.



Christian wife and homeschooling mother of five children, ages 2 through 10 years. Recently diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos. Trusting in Jesus for His plan for my life, and for my family. He was gracious to save my husband and myself 6 and 7 years ago, respectively. And really, He saved me just in time. Because how could I ever have handled this illness without Him?

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