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Pregnancy Update: Week 35

I have become very short of breath. I am always more short of breath than the average pregnant woman, but it is becoming ridiculous. Any activity at all is now leaving me panting for air. I am okay sitting up (as long as I don’t talk too much — ha! it’s no easy task for me to keep quiet), but I am having a hard time sleeping. I wake up feeling as if someone has had their hand over my mouth and nose. I am gasping for air, and struggling to sit up (it’s hard to sit up with a big belly) so that I can get a good breath.

I have become basically on a self-imposed bedrest (or should I say husband-imposed?). Everytime I get up to do anything, even just walk to the kitchen for a glass of water, my husband sends me back to lie down, because in his words, “You look like you’re about to keel over. Just lie down and let me do it!”

After a couple of days of this, I went to the ER. They took my symptoms seriously and checked for blood clots on my lungs. When they didn’t find any, however, they were prepared to send me home, saying “Maybe it’s just the way the baby’s lying.”

That sounded ridiculous to me. I can’t breath! I asked for them to check my heart. They had done an EKG, but it seemed normal, so I asked them to send me for an echocardiogram (an ultrasound of the heart).

The doctor agreed, so I went home and came back the next day for an out-patient echo. When I didn’t hear anything back in the next day or two, I assumed that they hadn’t found anything, but then we found a message on the phone that we’d somehow missed. It was the cardiologist who’d reviewed the echo, wanting me to have him paged.

He told me I had a “bordering-severe” problem. He wanted me to call his secretary and make an appointment with him in the next few days.

And now I am researching everything I can about this issue, so that I can be informed and ask pertinent questions when I meet with him.

Please pray for me. I am trying to trust in the Lord throughout this, knowing that He is bigger than all of this.



Christian wife and homeschooling mother of five children, ages 2 through 10 years. Recently diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos. Trusting in Jesus for His plan for my life, and for my family. He was gracious to save my husband and myself 6 and 7 years ago, respectively. And really, He saved me just in time. Because how could I ever have handled this illness without Him?

15 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Week 35

    1. Not yet. He will know on Wednesday, when I have my next appointment with him.

      He knew that I have a mitral valve prolapse, but it’s never been a big deal. Now it’s a serious regurgitation. I guess all these pregnancies have been wearing me down!

      Thank you!


    1. I’m doing well, thanks. Hank bought me a reclining chair to sleep in, because I can’t seem to breath well when I am lying down. It’s so huge, it takes over our living room! 🙂 But I have had it for two nights, and it is making a big difference to my sleep, because I am not waking up gasping for air. I saw my ob yesterday, and he just told me to come straight to his office after my cardiologist appointment on Monday, with a note from the cardiologist. So I’ll know more then about what’s going on. In the meantime, my husband and my children are taking very good care of me! It’s sweet to see the little ones taking on the housework by themselves.

      Thanks very much for your prayers and concern.


      1. God bless your sweet husband and your sweet children. May these trying times bind you all closer as a family. May the Lord keep you and the baby safe and healthy through the remainder of the pregnancy and delivery. Wisdom for the doctors.


    1. Thank you so much! I had the baby, and we are doing well. I will update soon. Thanks for your prayers and support!


    1. Hi! I had the baby, and we are doing fine! Thanks so much for your caring and prayers. I will post an update soon, hopefully this weekend. Thank you again!

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