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Learning from Josh Duggar

I haven’t posted about the Josh Duggar news until now. I didn’t feel that I had anything useful to add.

Of course I was completely disgusted that a 14-year-old would molest sleeping girls, but at the same time, I know that we are all sinners. If he had truly repented and become a follower of Christ after these teenage sins, it really isn’t my place to persecute him now, all these years later.

But now we discover that just as he put his own sexual gratification before the well-being of his sisters in the past, now he is putting his own sexual gratification before the well-being of his wife, his marriage and family.

He has been actively pursuing sexual sin, as a client of an online cheating service.

I am so very sad for his wife, Anna. After standing by him solidly throughout the first controversy, trusting that he had reformed, she did not deserve this.

I can only imagine the pain and disappointment that she is feeling. I too, am a Christian with conservative values. My family share many of the values that the Duggars espoused. We make some of the same choices in raising our children. We teach our children at home, we dress modestly, we have no television in our home. We see children as a blessing, not a burden.

But does any of this make us any better than any other family? Nope. Does it insulate us or our children from sin? Nope. Because sin comes from the heart of man. It is not what comes from the outside that defiles a man, but what comes from inside him.

Convictions are good things. I believe strongly in ours. But they cannot be what defines us as a family, or they become idols.

And they will certainly not keep our children free from the pursuit of evil. Only the saving grace of Jesus Christ can do that.

April from Stories of Our Boys has written a very good piece about what we can all learn from the Duggar controversy: Four Things to Learn from the Duggars that They Didn’t Mean to Teach