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Looking for a Homestead

Farmer Boots and I have often spoken of the “forever” home that we want to have someday. Our dream has changed over the years — well, my dream has changed. My husband has always wanted a country home, but I was a city girl, and couldn’t imagine anything different. However, time and circumstance (and my husband’s influence) have taken their toll on me.

I have been out of the city and in the suburbs for a whole decade now, and I have no desire to go back. My dreams have melded with his, and now we share a common dream about a little house in the country. Land for the children to run and play and work and grow on.

But our forever home has always been just out of reach. A couple of years away. A couple more years away.


Looking at the housing market online, we suddenly see that we may be closer than we thought. Maybe even — dare I say it — maybe even this year!

But our own house could really use some work before we put it up for sale. When we moved back in last spring, we discovered that the tenant had been pretty hard on the house. For reasons known only to himself, the tenant replaced one of our countertops in the kitchen, so now our counters don’t match. The bathtub and sink have been damaged. My living room curtains have been destroyed — and there are three where there were once four. The blinds in our room are ruined, and the blinds in the boys’ and in the girls’ room have vanished. I was so confused when we returned home and there were no blinds. I was sure that we had blinds before. In fact, I had to look back at old pictures to be sure. Yup, we had blinds once!

We have been putting money aside over the winter and are ready to fix these things up. My husband is right now replacing the kitchen cabinets. This is a new skill for him. He’s been on YouTube this afternoon watching DIY videos. I am very proud of his courage and initiative!

And maybe … just maybe … we will have a move this spring. It will be nice to move when I’m not 9 months pregnant or 2 months post-partum. I have moved in the latter end of two pregnancies, and once with an brand-new infant. Compared to that, moving this spring will be a piece of cake. If we wait until next year, on the other hand, who knows?