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Pregnancy Update: Week 35

I have become very short of breath. I am always more short of breath than the average pregnant woman, but it is becoming ridiculous. Any activity at all is now leaving me panting for air. I am okay sitting up (as long as I don’t talk too much — ha! it’s no easy task for me to keep quiet), but I am having a hard time sleeping. I wake up feeling as if someone has had their hand over my mouth and nose. I am gasping for air, and struggling to sit up (it’s hard to sit up with a big belly) so that I can get a good breath.

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Week 8: Counting My Blessings

1. My husband is home, home, home! September/October (and February/March) are his busy times at work, and he spends these months on the road pretty much all the time, home only for weekends. And now, things are settling down, and he’ll be working from home again, with only a few sporadic business trips here and there. What a blessing to welcome him home again. Continue reading “Week 8: Counting My Blessings”