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A World of Words

Safari Boots has been working on phonics with me since September, but hasn’t really been enjoying it. He can sound out small 3-letter words, but he didn’t have any excitement in it, and I don’t think he really “got” that he was reading.

Progress was slow, plodding, and sometimes seemed like we were going backwards. What he could do one day, he couldn’t do another day. The biggest problem, I think, was that he wouldn’t LOOK at the page. If he took the time to look at each letter, he would sound it out. But Safari is a busy little guy. He didn’t want to slow down long enough to look at more than one letter per word.

20120804 (10)
Safari at a circus exhibit at the Science Centre

Then we began using a more multi-media approach. And suddenly, he was reading! It’s amazing, his skill level is really the same as it was. He could ALREADY sound out three-letter words, it’s just that now he’s interested, he’s looking at the words on the page, he’s excited about what he’s doing, and he’s gaining fluency at a remarkable pace.

I am finding his words everywhere. His sister’s name in letter cards placed along the hallway floor. Creatively spelled words on the chalkboard, and on scrap paper all over the living room. All on his own, he is putting letters into words and even words into sentences. The other day, I found him at the table with the Scrabble Jr letters. All on his own, he had taken them out and started spelling “sentences.”

photo 1

His words are out of order, but the translation is “THE BIOOBL (Bible) IZ (is) GOOD”

Once word order was explained to him, he came up with this:

photo 5IYD (I’d) LEC (like) TO GO (to) THE ZOO.

Welcome to the world of words, my little man. I think a trip to the zoo is in order (when the weather warms up a little).